Business Travel and your Taxes

You can have great business deals going around across the country that requires your presence to be executed properly. However, flying back and forth can be quite cumbersome and can incur a lot of costs, and it is quite necessary to keep in mind that you must keep proper account of traveling expenses as they will be useful during tax-filing day on April 15. The reason being that you can apply for tax exemptions if you wish to maximize your savings on tax especially if you are a traveler.

While accounting for your total travel expenses, make sure to sort out the business related expenses from those that are not business related as they are tax deductible. Many like embarking on side ventures during their business trips like playing a game of golf all by yourself or even taking your children along with you on the business trip to have a mini-vacation out of the business trip. So to prevent the IRS from laying huge tax bills on you, sort out all of your expenses from your business trip.

Transportation costs should also be properly tracked down during your business trip as the IRS allows you to deduct all of your bus, air, or train fares. Make sure to keep all of your travel fare receipts for tax purposes. The maintenance of your car is also tax deductible if you have a car that is exclusively used for business purposes. Hence keep all the maintenance cost bills including gas receipts as they will come in handy. Keeping a detailed record of all expenses while traveling from one destination to the other is always a good idea as these expenses can be tax deductible. If you travel on a regular basis you can save huge amounts of finance through tax deductions.

As you’ll likely rack up expenses in food, in fact even a bit more than usual especially when you are traveling, make sure to keep track of all your food expenses as you are allowed a 50% deduction costs by the IRS.

It is also important to keep track of your accommodation expenses, such as if you are staying at a hotel as these expenses are 100% deductible.

Tipping can be among many of your expenses which are also tax deductible and hence keeping track of them can also be quite useful. Although tipping might not seem expensive at the beginning, they can slowly build up over time. Hence keep track of it is always beneficial to you.

During your business trip, you might have to spend on additional resources that you might not have originally taken into account. An example of such a resource is the internet which is a critical requirement for many working people even when they are on vacation. Keep your internet usage bills including the cost of renting a laptop as they are both tax deductible. Any expense that allows you to better perform your job is qualified for a deduction.

Travel expenses can really pile up for those that are actively involved in their business. With conferences and sales meetings, you may find yourself traveling on a monthly or even weekly basis. While these costs can be intimidating, there are some advantages to these expenses. As long as you properly track your business expenses and know your deductions, then you should be able to reap the benefits of a considerable amount of deduction on tax day.

Featured Image Source: DepositPhotos/© michaeljung